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    Meet your trainer for a LIVE and interactive online workout experience like no other. With our live video connecting you and your trainer, you will receive immediate coaching to achieve maximum results.

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    Enjoy your preferred workout in your own environment. While the kids nap, or in your office during lunch, meet your trainer online. No more traffic or skipping workouts while traveling. Connect to the internet and connect to your trainer!

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    The best upgrade that online coaching has ever experienced – accountability! Receive immediate coaching, driving you to your personal best, with a continued push to be consistent in your workouts.

Why brickaFIT

When your fitness goals go astray, or life just gets in the way,

DON’T QUIT! Get brickaFIT!


Training at brickaFIT means training when it works for YOU! Whether it’s long days or rotating schedules, we’ve got you covered.


No commute required. At home, by the pool or in your hotel room; your LIVE online brickaFIT trainer will meet you there!


Our brickaFIT trainers offer both private and small group training sessions in a VARIETY of fitness disciplines.


Hectic schedules and childcare become a thing of the past with brickaFIT! Schedule training during nap time or on a lunch break. Use our Find a Trainer feature to find the best match for your crazy schedule.


Enjoy YOUR workout YOUR way with brickaFIT. With our private or small group sessions, you can say good-bye to the distractions or insecurities you may experience in large studios.


Your brickaFIT trainer is certified in their area of expertise. Expect to receive a workout that is both challenging and efficient. LIVE. Convenient. Accountable. Find YOUR trainer today!


At brickaFIT, we take the necessary steps to verify that all of our fitness professionals possess the necessary training and certifications to provide the services offered in their area of expertise. There is no “one size fits all” program for our clients, which is why you will find a variety of options, including Personal Training and Yoga, in both small groups and private sessions.

Why work out with a brickaFIT Trainer?

Our personal trainers provide workouts that will get you the best results in the shortest amount of time. They will hold you accountable and push your limits. If Yoga is your preference, you can expect a qualified teacher that will provide you with a great Yoga experience right from your living room. Every brickaFIT trainer is there LIVE providing you immediate feedback on form and offering guidance to improve your performance in each workout!

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Convenient, effective workouts are our priority and our customers agree!
  • “As a mother with young children, brickaFIT let’s me get in a good workout while my children nap. Not paying extra for childcare or working around my husbands schedule is so helpful!”


    – Ramona, Client

  • “I’m a busy single mom but I want to work out and be healthy, that’s why I started doing the DVD routines. brickaFIT just raises the level of my workouts and I love that! I do 30 minute sessions, it’s just 30 minutes of my time and I can do that every day.”


    – Lorri, Client

  • “As someone who will not go to the gym for various reasons, but wants to exercise, brickaFIT is perfect for me. I enjoy the flexibility of working out at my home with a live online trainer guiding, watching, and correcting me, to ensure I am getting the most of my workout. I highly recommend brickaFIT to everyone.”


    – Helen, Client

  • Live online training provides you with the most convenient workouts available.

  • Nutrition is vital to your overall health and fitness goals; check back for exciting releases to help you meet your goals!

  • brickaFIT is committed to leading the industry in fitness technology and brings you the most personalized online training available. Just wait until you see what’s next!

  • Balance your schedule while receiving personal training on the go.