About – brickaFIT


At brickaFIT, we are committed to spreading a culture of better health and fitness for all lifestyles, in all places. It is our deep honor and mission to ensure that all people have the opportunity to live a balanced, joyful and healthy life.

We know that many of you will relate to the never ending search for THE fitness program. The one that will finally stick and bring you a lifetime of health and happiness, putting an end to the struggle. You’ve invested your hard earned resources in countless exercise tools, unused gym memberships and probably own most of the exercise DVDs on the market. But yet you are still searching. 

We are no different. We’ve spent years trying to find a solution only to be frustrated because they all seemed to be missing something. We know the frustration of wanting something as important as your health and fitness, yet being unable to find a solution that fits your lifestyle and maintains a consistent part of your daily routine! This is our story. The story of how two women, the founders of brickaFIT, made our way to brickaFIT and created what it is today!

Meet Amanda:

I finally admitted that I just don’t find success working out on my own. I wish I could, but I crave the social aspect of working out with someone, depend on the accountability of being expected to be there, and love the demands from a trainer pushing me. The best training I ever accomplished consistently was with a personal trainer, until I moved away! There was one problem with this revelation, I wasn’t in a position to get myself to a gym with anyone (not to mention how uncomfortable I was)! With my husband traveling, I had little options or funds for childcare and my youngest (still a baby) would completely meltdown if anyone other than his family tried to hold him. So basically, gym daycares were also out. I was stuck. And frustrated. And getting in worse shape.

Meet Stephanie:

Working out in a gym has never been a good fit for me. I have no idea where to start or how to get a good workout on my own. Everyone there is wearing a headset except me, so striking up a conversation with the woman on the next treadmill is not an option. I’m a social person. I need to interact with people in most areas of my life, including fitness! I’ve seen success with some group fitness environments and really enjoyed the camaraderie, but with a fixed time and location, I couldn’t always be there.  It frustrated me to pay for something I couldn’t use while traveling on business or because of a scheduling conflict. I’ve tried all of the on demand and streaming options out there, but without other people there’s just no accountability.


You see, we both had very different obstacles, but essentially the same struggle. Then it occurred to us that over the years we had heard similar stories from friend after friend, co-workers and family members alike. And yes, we agree that when you are committed enough you will find a way. But why does that way have to be so difficult, or pose a new struggle? We didn’t think it should, so we found a better way. Actually, we created a new way. A method that will work whether you struggle like we did, or you just prefer a more convenient way to get in your workout! Maybe you just want to work out with your buddy again, who lives too far away to meet at the gym. Whatever your reason, working out with your LIVE Personal Trainer online can be the answer, just like it is for us.

We are so glad that you are here at brickaFIT and we welcome you to join us! Please share your experience and success stories with us, we look forward to celebrating with you!


Amanda and Stephanie