How It Works – brickaFIT
1st step

Find a Trainer

Click on Find a Trainer and use the search criteria to find the trainer with a workout style you prefer. Selecting different trainers will allow you to view their schedule and make a decision based on your personal needs!

Find a Trainer

2nd step

Register for a session

You’ve found your trainer, now register for a session! Selecting a session will prompt you to create an account, purchase your preferred plan and register for a workout. Every time you use a session, it will pull from your existing credits! Simple!
3rd step

Join your workout

Each registered session will include a link that you will follow to join your workout, or you can easily join the session from your trainers page.   You should plan to join 5 minutes prior to start time from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. You will be placed in to a virtual waiting room until your trainer begins the session!
4th step

Enjoy working out

Enjoy working out with your live brickaFIT trainer guiding you every step of the way.