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Why become a trainer with brickaFIT?

A trainer not training is a trainer not earning. Do you spend time walking the gym floor scouting for clients, or are you required to offer your services for free to new gym members? Maybe you have to travel to multiple places to get enough training in to supplement your income. Or maybe you’re more of an entrepreneur and your desire is to have more control over your career? If any of these scenarios sounds like you, then brickaFIT has your solution.

At brickaFIT, we believe that your time and talents are valuable. You’ve studied hard to earn your certification and now you want to help others achieve their goals and make a living while doing it. Imagine the possibilities when expanding your client base beyond your local area! We provide you with the flexibility to control your own schedule, while training clients on a live, virtual platform, from anywhere in the world!

Unique Compensation Plan

We’re going to bet that you know other trainers that would appreciate the same opportunity. At brickaFIT you have the potential to receive referral benefits from every trainer that joins you in building a brickaFIT business. Build your client base and earn while you train. Refer others and earn while they train. End result? You are rewarded for the work you do and for those you refer. At brickaFIT, we appreciate your expertise and we deliver that to you in our compensation plan.

Once you’ve made the decision to become a trainer with brickaFIT you will be given access to our library of branded marketing tools to assist you in building your personal training business. You will be provided the necessary log in information for the technology needed to train your clients but the training curriculum is up to you. This is your new business. Own it.

For more information, check out Requirements to be a Trainer, the FAQ’s or Request to speak with a brickaFIT representative.

Ready to begin?

Become a Trainer with brickaFIT

brickaFIT is proud to be a NASM Preferred Partner.

 With this partnership, the benefits of training with brickaFIT continue!

You will receive valuable discounts for certifications and continuing

education earned through NASM.