Why brickaFIT – brickaFIT

WHY brickaFIT

In our quest to fill an unmet need for access to a quality fitness solution that combines privacy with convenience, brickaFIT was born. While there are a plethora of exercise routines available in the industry, getting access to them, when and where you need them, can be a problem. Perhaps you travel often, work odd hours, or you battle the over-scheduled life challenges of work and family; brickaFIT provides a solution.

Maybe time isn’t your concern. Maybe you just don’t enjoy the gym environment and want something a little more private. Once again, brickaFIT has the answer. You choose where you want to join your trainer.

Whether you prefer the privacy of your own home, your hotel on the go or the fresh air outdoors, all you need is an internet connection, your computer, tablet or smartphone, and brickaFIT is there.

You will find many claims of live training on the internet, but brickaFIT is the only place for a truly LIVE, interactive experience! You will meet your trainer for your scheduled session via video conference, where you will not only follow a workout, but you will receive LIVE coaching on the spot. No more wondering if you’ve got proper form. Our trainers will be right there to provide you with the feedback you need to accomplish your fitness goals safely and consistently.

So, why brickaFIT? Because it was designed by people who need it just as much as you do.